Note to Self


When you turn 50 people say, “You’re over the hill.” Well I believe it because two days after I turned fifty the PICKING UP SPEED part set in fast and I fell flat on my face but mainly on my knee. It was the perfect time to say “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” but all the second graders saw me as they were packing up for car line. This old teacher heard sweet voices screaming, “Are you okay?!” A precious colleague came and helped me up. But NOTE TO SELF: you really do pick up speed once you’re over the hill. 

I’m okay, but I learned to slow down and be thankful to receive much needed help. 

My precious friend since 1988 drove all the way to Birmingham from Virginia to surprise me for my 50th birthday party. I screamed I was so surprised! She is ALWAYS GIVING. Of course today she TOOK a mug without asking. From a church!  We’ve not taken time to visit since two of my children ago, so at least 13 years! 

NOTE TO SELF: make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. 

The ladies in my Sunday School class worked half the day to set up an amazing party.  They loaded buckets, decorated, served cake and ice cream, broke down tables, prayed over me, and passed out a million hugs!    NOTE TO SELF: bring chocolate next time I teach. 


My hairdresser has told me for years, “If you ever get enough guts to finally get a microphone, I’m doing your hair!” When I checked out of Salon 5 today, the amazing receptionist kept handing me my debit card back. The third time she said, “Happy Birthday!” I really didn’t get it. I didn’t have to pay!!!

NOTE TO SELF: Take Tracy a Diet Mt. Dew!  

When my friend from VA, and her friend from GA who came too, went with me to use my gift card for a manicure, I didn’t have to use my gift card. They said, “Happy Birthday! Come back with your gift card soon.” 


I like to give. I am accustomed to giving. I’m a mom. I teach 10 year olds. I give. I’m an only child and can be incredibly self centered, but I do like to give. 

This week as I’ve passed the half century mark, I’ve realized that others like to give too. Sometimes I don’t find myself being worthy ENOUGH to deserve a gift or act of kindness. Why is that? “It’s more blessed to give than to receive…the Lord loves a cheerful giver.” I don’t understand why it’s harder to receive sometimes. 

NOTE TO SELF: learn to receive. 

About murdaughaudrey5

Audrey is a conference speaker, certified teacher and mother of four. She chronicles her life and years overcoming postpartum depression with humor and a realness seldom seen in the world today.
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  1. Tricia Thompson says:

    Happy birthday Audrey! It was a lot of fun celebrating you last night. Love you!

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