Broken and Spilled Out

Hosting my Sunday School Christmas party was an incredible experience for me yesterday. I had grandiose plans of pressed tablecloths, Christmas China, and fancy recipes. 

The party was scheduled to begin at 5:30pm. I had the entire day before me and the house was already clean- Just shop for ingredients and begin cooking by 3:30 to have the chicken spaghetti ready to serve at 5:45. No big deal. 

As so often happens, what’s planned doesn’t always match up with unexpected surprises that BREAK OUT right before me reminding me that I have no control over yet another situation. 

I had a paperwork morning deadline that would be completed by noon at the latest, or so I thought. Noon became 2pm and I found myself ASLEEP 😴 at 2:30 pm. 

STILL NO: shower, shopping or cooking. HORRORS! 🎄Merry and bright? Fa la la la la? Most wonderful time of the year? No crying He makes? 🎻

Every southern belle inch of me winced at the thought, but it was time to LET IT GO! 

So I had no choice at this point but to just make spaghetti and buy cute paper plates. So that’s what I did. I was nervous. WHY?!? These ladies are my heart and soul. We are family. Why was I trying to impress? I love hosting and I like pretty things. I enjoy serving others and WANTED to have a pretty set up for the party, but it was just not happening.  Running late, I asked my daughters to help unload the items I’d just purchased from the store so I could cook the meat. One of my daughters came in upset, “The bag is too heavy and I dropped it. The bag ripped” Empty handed I sent her back outside to no avail. Enlisting my other daughter’s help to “just get the bags inside…Hurry!”

She too returned empty handed. Stirring around the kitchen in my green apron, there was no time for this. What could be so hard about bringing in 4 bags of groceries?!?  Then she said, “Mom, I need you to look at me and I need you to not freak out. When she said, ‘the bag ripped,’ she meant it exploded. Broken jars, spilled and exploded.'”

I walked outside, LEFT the mess on the sidewalk, took a deep breath and went back to the kitchen. 45 minutes from company and I’d gone from homemade chicken spaghetti casseroles to pasta. Just pasta. About that time I get a text from one of my guests,  “I’m at Publix. Do you need me to pick up anything before I leave?” 

“Yes! Three large jars of prepared spaghetti sauce please!” She then responded, “I’m early, mind if I come and help?” Not only did she show up with sauce to save the party from plan A and plan B fails, she brought me chocolate and my favorite soda! 

The party was a success. Paper plates, random pots on the stove, laughter and great fun swapping Dirty Santa gifts. No one cared that my tree hadn’t been fully decorated or that we just had spaghetti. In fact, several ladies responded how refreshing it was to be so relaxed. 

I’ve decided it’s a ministry to be simple. Lowering the standard of perfection before hosting just might encourage us all to spend more time together and less time in a virtually social world. 

“Happiness is how well you deal with plan B.”      ~James Roberts

Thankful we have an alphabet with 26 letters! 

“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”  ~Proverbs 16:9

About murdaughaudrey5

Audrey is a conference speaker, certified teacher and mother of four. She chronicles her life and years overcoming postpartum depression with humor and a realness seldom seen in the world today.
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1 Response to Broken and Spilled Out

  1. Cathy Hester says:

    I love this story. I have also found that in the busy world we live in, we can make choices that draw us closer to God and our family.

    Liked by 1 person

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