Worry Wart

I was stressing because my child was struggling in school. No matter how hard we tried, we just could not solve for x!

In my frustration, I decided to clean. At least that has immediate results and burns calories.

I pulled the couch out to clean. I was annoyed because I had to bend over to pick things up before I could sweep. My mind swirling with “Who ate in the living room? What’s with all the cords? I don’t have time for this!”

As I stooped over to pick up the “trash” I read…

…she might not have been able to solve for x, but she sure could draw and do modern calligraphy art! The message…sigh! What incredible truth was lying there in the dust under my couch.


How many times does God use our children to teach us something? A few weeks later, bored in the car, my daughter asked, “May I draw in your prayer journal? I didn’t bring any paper.” I willingly obliged, no one wants boredom to set in with teens in the car! I didn’t give it a second thought.

The following Sunday I’d had an upsetting event occur just before the worship service at church. It had proven to be difficult as I was faced with my own character flaws that needed to be fixed, not to mention the humility that comes after pride has set in.

Holding back the tears, I began turning to the next blank page in my prayer journal. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I just wanted to deal with this emotion and be ready to take notes when the sermon began.

Just before the next blank page in my journal, was this beautiful reminder of TRUTH once again straight from my daughter’s talent to my very soul at the exact second I needed it. No doubt it was perfect timing.

God has given us each unique and distinct gifts to use for his glory, sometimes it involves letters, just not variables in equations.

About murdaughaudrey5

Audrey is a conference speaker, certified teacher and mother of four. She chronicles her life and years overcoming postpartum depression with humor and a realness seldom seen in the world today.
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