At the Foot of the Tree

by Sarah Kathryn Murdaugh

(my daughter)

Today, I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a picture of a friend’s Christmas tree. The tree was adorned with beautiful lights and sentimental ornaments. At the foot of the tree were some presents. Then it hit me. I don’t know why in the world we have the tradition of putting presents under a tree at Christmas time. We don’t do the same for birthdays or Easter or Valentine’s Day… why Christmas?

The gifts are found at the foot of the tree…. the gifts…. are found….. at the foot of the tree….

In the season of Advent, we await the coming of the Christ child, the child who was prophesied to save the world, redeem the lost, bring those who had abandoned truth back close to the Father’s heart. We give gifts to one another to commemorate The Gift the Savior brought to us.

There are Christmas trees, and there are several reasons why we have Christmas trees, but when I look at the Christmas tree, I remember Calvary and its tree. You see, the tree that was hoisted up on Calvary over 2000 years ago held upon it the man that saved my life. Jesus Christ, that baby that was born to a humble servant of the Lord, wrapped in clothes meant for a burial, laid in the lowliest of cribs, and hailed by many as King of Kings, He endured the harshest of punishments: the punishment of death for sin — the ultimate sacrifice.

When I kneel at the foot of Calvary’s tree, I find Salvation. I find Peace. I find a relationship with the Creator. I find pure Joy, not circumstantial happiness. I find Adoration to the One who gave His life. I find Jesus, the greatest gift of all.

So, over the next few hours, as I kneel at the foot of a different tree to shift earthly presents around, I pray that I remember the beauty of the greatest gift that could ever be found at the foot of a tree.

About murdaughaudrey5

Audrey is a conference speaker, certified teacher and mother of four. She chronicles her life and years overcoming postpartum depression with humor and a realness seldom seen in the world today.
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